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These animated Power Rangers shorts need to become a series

If ever there were evidence that Power Rangers would work well as an animated series, this is it. Animator Mike McCraw pits the Black Ranger and the Pink Ranger against the sticky forces of the Putty Patrol, and they look fantastic doing it.


Although I still have great affection for the Dinozords from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I appreciate that McCraw sticks to personal combat, emphasizing the visuals of their weapons. The action is quite distinct from the Super Sentai sequences that comprise the live-action Power Rangers battles, but McCraw has a real sense of magic and fun that builds on, rather than detracts from the original. Perhaps as Power Rangers marches forward in its myriad incarnations, someone could license an animated series.


McCraw is also working on a Blue Ranger short. Perhaps he's working his way through the original five rangers? We can only hope.

[via ComicsAlliance]

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The original Power Rangers concepts and designs were by FAR the best. It's beyond me why they don't just give it a large overhaul and remake.