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These Amazing Videos Show What Happens When You Befriend A Wild Animal

Most of us have had a beloved pet at some point, or lived among domesticated creatures. But there’s nothing more amazing and heart-warming than a lifelong friendship between a human and a wild creature. See for yourself!


The Wolf Man, Shaun Ellis, from Devon, England, integrated himself into a pack of wild wolves

Mark Dumas and wife Dawn, from Abbotsform, British Columbia, training a polar bear to star in TV adverts.

Michael Jamison and his girlfriend Jackie, sharing their home with a Bengal and a Siberian tiger in Brakpan, near Johannesburg, South Africa

Here’s Michael’s YouTube account, where you can find more, including this good morning kiss and the tiger’s first swimming lesson.


Bailey D. Buffalo Jr., a bison owned by Jim and Linda Sautner of Spruce Grove, Alberta. They carry him around in a roofless 70s Pontiac

Sirga, the lioness, rescued by Valentin Gruener and Mikkel Legarth in the Modisa Wildlife Project, founded in Botswana

Doug Seus, a bear trainer and his wife Lynne, sharing their ranch in the Heber Valley, Utah with some grizzly bears

Janice Haley, a Florida woman who keeps two Bengal tigers in her garden

Veryl Goodnight and Roger Brooks, hand-raised two buffalos to help save the species

Jessica, the hippo, lives with Tonie Joubert and his wife Shirley near Hoedspruit, South Africa

Kevin Richardson, an animal behaviorist who has the Kingdom of the White Lion in Broederstroom, South Africa, where he has 39 lions and some hyenas.

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