Swords may be driven into ploughshares when they've finished their fighting, but tanks are often left to rust, in graveyards of military vehicles or on the battlefields where they fell.

The tank in the picture above is on Flamenco Beach, Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, and the photo was taken by Jami Dwyer.

Soviet T-62s from the Soviet-Afghan War near Kandahar, Afghanistan

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Another military graveyard in Afghanistan

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Near Paderborn, Germany

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An armor repair base (known as Repair Base 77) in Ussuriysk, Russia, opened in 1940, and went bankrupt some years ago

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Dozens of old tanks near Chita, Russia

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Tank and Truck Graveyard, near Asmara, Eritrea

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Soviet tanks at the Kabul Military Training Center, Kabul, Afghanistan

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Relics of the Gulf War (1990-1991) in Kuwait

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Vehicle Graveyard inside the Chernobyl Zone and some tanks used during the cleanup of Chernobyl, Ukraine

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Wrecked tanks are seen close to the road that leads to the village of Imber on December 31, 2011 on Salisbury Plain, England

The church of St Giles along with the rest of the village was evacuated in December 1943 by the military for training US soldiers preparing for the D-Day invasion and villagers were told at the time they would be allowed to return in six months. However despite public appeals the villagers hopes were never realised and to this day it remains in the control of the Ministry of Defence.

Despite Imber's location in the middle of a high explosive 'impact area' in the Salisbury Plain military training zone, the MoD grants limited public access to the village which includes several days over the Christmas period.

(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

An overhaul depot in Kharkiv, Ukraine with silently rusting T-64s, T-80s, T-72s, and some engines

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Abandoned battle tanks before scrapping in Germany

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A scrapyard at Camp Taji (or Camp Cooke), Iraq

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An American tank destroyed by Viet Congs during Vietnam War

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A Soviet PT-76 amphibious light tank from the Indochina War in Northern Laos

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A T-34-85 near Ahmad Shah Massoud's (1953-2001) tomb in Afghanistan, 2008

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A tank from the Guinea-Bissau Civil War (1998-1999) in Bissau, 2003

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A T-55 used by Serbian military near Prizren, Kosovo in 2005

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An Israeli M50 Super Sherman on the Lebanese border

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The destroyed remains of Iraqi T-54, T-55, Type 59 or Type 69 Main Battle Tanks, and two armoured recovery vehicles (a Chinese-made Type 653 and a Polish-made WZT-2) in a former Iraqi military complex

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