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These 7 Seconds of Cobra Kai Season 3 Are the Best Around

Daniel LaRusso digs into the past in Cobra Kai season three.
Daniel LaRusso digs into the past in Cobra Kai season three.
Screenshot: Netflix
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The wait for season three of Cobra Kai has been killer. Season two debuted in early 2019, one year after the first, but now it seems fans will have to wait until 2021 to see what happens next in the world of The Karate Kid. That long wait is one of many reasons why the first tease of season three is so insanely exciting.


Seasons one and two of Cobra Kai are debuting on Netflix Friday, which means that everyone everywhere will finally see what we’ve been telling you for years. This show is the best...around! It’s a perfect balance of nostalgia with new storytelling that feels like a necessary way to continue the story of The Karate Kid. Simply excellent stuff. And while that move from YouTube to Netflix is why the third season has been delayed a bit, a new trailer to promote the show ends with seven seconds of season three footage that could be a bombshell. Here’s the full trailer, with the tease at the end.

So yes, season three of Cobra Kai will see Daniel go back to Mr. Miyagi’s home of Okinawa—and it seems there’s a secret looming there in the person of a sai-wielding man in black. Some have speculated that it’s Yuji Okumoto, the actor who played the evil Chozen in Karate Kid Part II. We never saw what happened to him after. The brief glimpse you get seems like it could be him, but the dialogue of a secret Miyagi held back doesn’t quite match. Could Chozen be Miyagi’s son? Is this another person who is Miyagi’s son? Is it something else entirely?


Obviously, we don’t know, but Cobra Kai has been great about bringing back actors to reprise their roles, large and small, from the films. In addition to Ralph Macchio and William Zabka as Daniel and Johnny, we’ve seen Randee Heller as Daniel’s mom, Martin Kove as Sensei Kreese, and Ron Thomas, Rob Garrison, and Tony O’Dell as three of Johnny’s Cobra Kai buddies. There’s even been some teases for season three that...maybe Elisabeth Shue could be back?

Anyway, all of this is to say if you haven’t seen Cobra Kai yet, catch it once it arrives on Netflix Friday. You will not be disappointed. There’s plenty of time to catch up on both seasons before the identity of that mystery man is revealed in 2021.

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F. D. Bryant III

This show has been so much better than it deserves to be.  I do hope Netflix keeps them around and ultimately allows the show to come to a proper ending.