These 7 clips prove that there's real acting in Real Steel

Think that Real Steel is just a junkyard where tired boxing movie clichés go to die? We can't blame you: This movie looks like Lionheart with robots.

But these seven new clips showcase a side of Hugh Jackman you may have never seen before, scumbag deadbeat father. Could this movie actually be sort of awesome? Watch these clips and decide for yourself.


Could Hugh Jackman's super hot yet dickish "deadbeat dad" performance win over the masses to Shawn Levy's boxing robots movie? Perhaps. We've all seen Jackman's Wolverine, but this performance looks like it could actually carry the movie. Plus, it's a rookie mistake to bet against Jackman. Other than that, the film kind of looks like BattleBots minus Bill Nye. Check out a few more clips and see what you think: Will Real Steel come out swinging?

Real Steel will be in theaters October 7th.

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