Madman is one of the coolest comics characters to emerge in the past 25 years. A riff on Frankenstein in a cool costume, Madman blended Mike Allred’s clean pop-art sensibility with a uniquely weird and colorful set of characters.

Now writer and pop culture historian Christopher Irving has put out a set of 3-D collectible art cards featuring Madman art by everybody from Alex Toth to Jack Kirby. He did a successful Kickstarter to make the project happen, and now the cards are available to order from his site.

According to Irving, the set breaks down into these categories:

  • MADMAN cards: 42 cards (including 2D checklist) covering the whole series
  • THE ATOMICS: 11 card subset of The Atomics
  • 1ST APPEARANCE: 8 card subset of Mike’s Grafik Muzik work!
  • 3-D SPECS: These card-sized “Swell-o-Vision” specs fit in the tuck box.
  • BONUS CARDS: 2D cards, including a ‘90s Madman, ‘90s Astroman, early Madman (when he was called The Spook) cards, Frank and Joe Forever, Mike Allred, and Laura Allred cards. The Bonus Cards will NOT be reprinted.

Plus, finally, there’s the “Artist Edition,” which includes “10 artist renditions of Frank, many of which are new for this set.” But there are only about 48 of those sets left, although Christian LeBlanc, who did the 3D conversions, will also be selling some more of these sets from Canada. The set also comes with “a special Joelle Jones bonus card.”


All of these cards are a limited print run—so unless demand goes nuts, there will probably never be another printing, and this might be your only chance to pick these up!

Check out some exclusive images of the Madman cards below:

First Appearance in Grafik Musik (1990)—I think I have that comic somewhere in my stash.

The back of “First Appearance”

First Appearance in Madman (1992).

Art by Alex Toth!

Art by Darwyn Cooke!

Jack Kirby!

Existential Nightmare!

Back of the Existential Nightmare card


The Truth About Everything


The Atomics!

The Atomics!

Head Trip

The Back of Head Trip

It Girl

90s Madman (Bonus)

The back of “90s Madman (Bonus)”

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