These 3D Star Wars Animations Are Incredibly Fun To Play With

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With a new Star Wars movie in theaters, we’re rediscovering our love for that galaxy far, far away. But there are always new ways to rediscover Star Wars, and one of the best is through looking at tributes created by talented artists.


For example, Sketchfab, a place where 3D artists can work and upload animation, just hosted a Star Wars contest. Users came with 3D animated images and scenes from all the Star Wars movies, then a panel of super talented and wonderful judges (which included this writer) checked out the 36 entires and picked their favorites. The results are incredibly cool, and might just kill your afternoon as you play around with them.

If you’re confused about what these are, it’s pretty simple. Either it’s a simple 3D image you can use your mouse to explore, or it’s a scene where you use the arrows to tell a story, and you can also explore all around. It’s gorgeous stuff.

There were two categories, animation and annotation. Here are the winners in each.

Third Place

Feel the Force - Star Wars Contest Entry 2015 by ayhankin on Sketchfab


Star Wars contest 15 ‘The Deliverance of Binks’ by JCulley3D on Sketchfab

Second Place


Star Wars - Journey through the planet core by romainrevert on Sketchfab


Star Wars Contest 2015 by Nikolay_Tsys on Sketchfab

First Place


Naaaaw! - Star Wars by elbriga on Sketchfab


STAR WARS - The Battle of Endor by Deca on Sketchfab

Grand Prize Winner


The Holographic Princess Leia by Kyan0s on Sketchfab


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