There's Still Time For Christian Bale To Escape Terminator 4

  • Christian Bale hasn't committed to starring in the new Terminator movie, but he is in serious talks, sources say. Here's hoping he comes to his senses and does a smarter film instead. [MSN via Cinemblend]
  • Heroes is one of the most family-friendly shows on television, according to the Family Friendly Programming Forum. Heroes took home the drama award in the Forum's annual awards night. Have these people been watching the same show as I have? The whole second season has been one big creepiest-dad contest. [Hollywood Reporter]

News of the Bionic Woman's love life and Journeyman closure, below the fold:

  • Bionic Woman star Michelle Ryan is dating Owen Wilson, who's still recovering from that suicide attempt a while back. They've gone to dinner and the beach. She entertains him by delivering her famous "you don't own my body" speech. [Hollyscoop]
  • Don't count Journeyman out yet, insists creator Kevin Falls. NBC has decided to air the final three episodes that Falls already filmed, in mid-December. We'll get some answers to our nagging questions, like: WTF is up with all the cross-temporal stalking anyway? And there's still a slim hope that the show could come back at some point after that. "Don't rest yet," he urges fans. But if Journeyman does die for good, Falls has only his own defeatist talk to blame. [AICN]

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