You thought you were at last finished with Lost...but Lost isn't yet done with you. The upcoming sixth season and complete series DVDs will feature an all-new, 12 minute vignette featuring Ben and Hurley. And yes, it will answer questions!

Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia are both reprising their roles for the DVD extra, which involves their characters taking over as the island's new overseers. The image up top is from the new mini-episode. What we know about the short is almost entirely confined to an interview with Michael Emerson, in which he simply states:

''Ben is going around to Dharma installations and closing some down. 'There are some good surprises.''


It's also been confirmed that the mini-episode will answer some questions, but there's no way to know how major or minor the mysteries solved will be. The extra is called "The New Man in Charge", which almost certainly refers to Hurley. As you can probably tell, we just don't know whether this is the crucial missing puzzle piece or a bit of harmless fluff, but we won't have long to wait: both DVD sets are out August 24. Either way, it's a little last bit of new Lost, and that can't be a bad thing.

[Via EW. Thanks BullfightsOnAcid!]

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