As we spend this year celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, we’re going to be inundated with all sorts of memorabilia. Today, we’ve got the first look at the CBS/Mattel team up: Star Trek barbies. They look pretty good! But something’s missing.

The photo comes from Entertainment Weekly, and the Kirk, Spock, and Uhura dolls capture the ‘60s show in a great way.


But missing is Leonard “Bones” McCoy. I’m sure that it’s because he doesn’t have the popularity of Spock and Kirk. And I’d never argue against the inclusion of Uhura. But there’s something about pairing the upbeat tone of Barbie with the grumpiness of Bones that I want desperately to see. And own. And use to tell people that “He’s a doctor, not an escalator.”

Other than that omission, these dolls are great. For one thing, they’ll be in stores this month and not a con exclusive that will be impossible to get. For another, they’re pretty reasonably priced at $35. In fact, we think there should be more to this line. We want to be able to put these in Starfleet Barbie’s Ready Room Adventure Set or the Dream Comm Station. And just throw every character into the Barbie and Ken molds, please. A whole line of Barbie’s Amazing Federation Mission dolls and toys.

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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