All Images: Anacostia Arts Center

A new Star Wars movie will do a lot of things: Make money, spark debate, and inspire plenty of creativity, to name just a few. That last one will be on full display in Washington, DC starting next week for a show called “Holiday Starkillers Strike Back.”

Inspired by the release of The Last Jedi, a group of artists “embracing the low brow aesthetic and using the Force as their muse” are contributing to the show, according to artist Steven Strawn. Strawn did some some killer, yet slightly weird, toy photographs for the show; he’s joined by several other artists working in wildly different and colorful styles. Check out some of the work here.


Andrew Wodzianski - Millennium Falcon Cockpit
Chris Bishop - Bad Guys
Andrew Wodzianski - Luke’s Landspeeder
Andrew Wodzianski - Luke’s Skyhopper
Andrew Wodzianski - Millennium Falcon Landing Gear
Chris Bishop- What a Wookiee
Chris Bishop- X-Wing (Poe & Luke)
Scott Brooks - Darth Puppy
Jared Davis - Tauntauns
Steve Strawn - Dagobah
Steve Strawn - Death Star
Steve Strawn - Hoth
Steve Strawn - Tatooine

Any Star Wars-themed art show that ranges from toy photography and blueprints, to pop art and weird dog comics, is all right by me.

“Holiday Starkillers Strike Back” runs from December 8 through January 20 at the Anacostia Arts Center in Washington, DC. The opening reception is from 6-8pm on December 8. For more information, including the schedule and contact information, visit this link.