There's Only Minimal Farting On This Swiss Army Man LP

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It’s a holiday weekend in the US and maybe you’re looking to see a movie. There are a lot of options, but one that you probably aren’t considering, and should, is Swiss Army Man. It’s crazy, weird, and awesome. Then, after you see it, you may want the soundtrack. If that happens, oh wow, are you in luck.

I mean, that’s connecting a lot of dots—seeing movie, liking movie, liking music, having a record player, etc.—but Swiss Army Man, and this limited edition LP, are worth the leap.

The LP features a lyrical, uplifting score by Andy Hull & Robert McDowell (which you can listen to here), vocals by stars Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano (you’ll understand when you see the movie), gorgeous art by Mark Englert, and paper cut outs. Paper cut outs! This GIF gives you an idea.


That’s a super cool set. And seriously, Swiss Army Man is an amazing movie. Yes it starts with a man riding a corpse powered by farts, but it quickly becomes a movie about humanity, friendship, love, and the power of companionship. It’s one of the best movies that’s been released so far this year.

For more on the LP, visit iam8bit.

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