When luxury cars become beautiful pieces of furniture

Cars, motorcycles and airplanes aren't just a means of getting from A to B — they're also beautiful design classics that express your personality. So it's not surprising that people are turning some of the world's most beautiful vehicles into part of their home decor. See for yourself!

Above: Park your car in your living room – Hamilton Scotts, Singapore, 2012

A biometrically-controlled elevator towards the car to your living room. Flats are priced between $9.5 and $24 million.

(via Hayden Properties)

Crashed Ferrari table by Molinelli Design


Do you have a destroyed supercar? Put it into a coffee table.

(via Molinelli Design)

An office corner from a real Ikarus bus, Romania

Hunor Magyari loves public transportation vehicles, so he just made a real amazing home office from an old, rusted and neglected Ikarus bus cockpit.


(via IHO)

Old Jaguar as a bookshelf by the Dutch design studio denieuwgeneratie (The New Generation)


The unusual bookshelf is a part of an underground house embedded in the moorland.

(via Deniuewgeneratie)

Entertainment center from the rear of iconic cars by VroomDecor


Made from existing cars, using 100% original parts.

(via VroomDecor/Facebook)

Car Couches by Sweet Sofas


(via Sweet Sofas)

Bike on the wall


(via Ducatiforum)

V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany


(via V8 Hotel)

Mini on the wall


(Photo via Stuart McIntyre)

Car Engine Coffee Table


An engine block from a Marlboro McLaren Formula 1 car (1984-1987 seasons)


(via Engine Coffee Tables)

Mini Cooper Desk


(via bangshift)

1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table


(via Car Pool Tables)

B-25 Mitchell Bomber Airplane Desk


(via Moto Art)

A body of an Il-18 jet on the second floor, somewhere in Russia


(via English Russia)

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