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There's Not Nearly Enough Pouches In This Deadpool & Cable Comic Announcement

Illustration for article titled Theres Not Nearly Enough Pouches In This iDeadpool  Cable/i Comic Announcement

Deadpool and Cable are scions of the ‘90s comic aesthetic—ridiculously muscular action heroes covered head to toe in enough pouches to carry the firepower of a small country. So when they team up, it should be Pouch City, Population: 2. Sadly, this is not the case in our first look at Deadpool & Cable: Split Second.


Announced via Polygon, Deadpool & Cable is a spiritual successor to the smash hit Cable & Deadpool series of the mid-2000s, written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Reilly Brown—right down to the fact that Nicieza and Brown are back for Split Second. Cable & Deadpool by the way? Not afraid to book a one-way-trip to Pouch City.

Split Second will be a six-issue miniseries, part of Marvel’s Infinite Comics, their digital-first initiative. The series, the first team-up series between the pair since Nicieza and Brown’s Cable & Deadpool came to a close in 2008, will see the time-travelling son of Scott Summers and the merc with a mouth actually at odds at first—a vision from the future sees Cable protecting a target that Deadpool has been hired to assassinate—before the duo decide to team-up once more for time-travelling shenanigans. Not excited enough? Here’s Nicieza’s list of the must-have elements for a Cable/Deadpool team-up that appear in Split Second:

  • Mercenary action
  • Bromance
  • A fun new villain
  • Plasma bullets
  • Bloody katanas
  • Humor
  • Time travel confusion
  • Severed body parts
  • Screaming Hydra agents
  • Internal conflict
  • Time travel confusion
  • External conflict
  • Time travel confusion

Plasma bullets and Screaming Hydra agents, you say? SOLD.

But let’s be real here for a second. Look at this cover:

Illustration for article titled Theres Not Nearly Enough Pouches In This iDeadpool  Cable/i Comic Announcement

Sure, he’s largely covered up by Deadpool, but a meagre three visible pouches on Cable? That’s nowhere near enough. Get drawing those extra pouches on, Mr. Brown. Deadpool & Cable: Split Second is out digitally in October, with a physical release a little while after in December.

[Via Polygon]

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No pouches and properly drawn feet? on Cable and Deadpool?