There's no dystopia as campy as a post-Rapture dystopia

Now that we know the Rapture is coming on May 21, it's time to prepare. So what will life be like after the Rapture? Judging from this awesome post-Rapture movie, it'll be just like other dystopian futures... only campier.


In the direct-to-DVD The Moment After 2: the Awakening, it's a while after the Rapture, and the evil Global Initiative has completely taken over. You're required by law to bear the Mark of the Beast, otherwise known as a hand implant that makes you trackable and serves as ID card and credit card. But also, it's illegal to worship God — and the punishment is being yelled at by men in extremely tight pants and blue berets. As Col. Fredericks, Monte Rex Perlin swallows massive chunks of scenery and just keeps chewing.

And then in the end, after he's attempted to blackmail one of the underground Christians on the run into betraying the others, Col. Fredericks reveals his true nature — he's actually the Devil — and he jump-kicks former FBI agent Kevin Riley in the head. You know when you've been kicked in the head by the Devil, you're going to feel it the next day.



Don't forget that movie where the US President is fighting his Anti-christ half brother. Oh and the US Army and Russians are fighting the Chinese on the plains of Megiddo