There's going to be an Inspector Spacetime web series!

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Word out of the Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention is that there is going to be a web series of Community's Who-parody show Inspector Spacetime. It sounds like it won't be Donald Glover and Danny Pudi in the starring roles, however. Travis Richey, who plays the Inspector on the show within a show will be producing six episodes. [bessyboo via Charlie Jane]


Edit: Our own Charlie Jane Anders, who was at the panel, adds that there was a dramatic reading of the first webisode, in which the Inspector and Constable Reginald visit the planet New Seventh Earth Two, where they meet the Blogons, vanquish them with the Inspector's "optic penknife," and then run into a deserted warehouse where they get trapped. Apparently, later in the episode we'll get to meet the Inspector's arch-nemesis. The panel also included a slideshow explaining the long line of actors who played the Inspector: Christopher Lee in the 1960s, Stephen Fry in the 1980s, and Steve Carell in the 1990s TV movie.

Second Edit: Travis Richey, Inspector Spacetime himself, wrote in to clarify a few points:

Dan Harmon, Community, NBC and Sony have nothing to do with this web series. I pitched it to them after my first episode of Community, but never heard back from them one way or another. So I'm going to do it myself, with the help of fans. I'm launching a Kickstarter campaign in a matter of hours for an equipment budget, and the complete story can be read there.


He also corrected some points in the pilot episode reading: it's Second New Old Earth 7, Blorgons, and Optic Pocketknife. He also revealed the name of the Inspector's arch-nemesis: Boyish the Extraordinary.

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I just realized [a few minutes ago, then typed up this block of text in response to my friend posting this on Facebook]:

IS has such a massive, convoluted canon, all of it fan-fiction (or "fanon", as I'm not sure is still a popular portmanteau, if it ever was, but I always liked it). Never, in the history of nerds getting irrationally angry about something not lining up with their imagined version of it, will anything like this have ever happened: Other than the name and like 30 seconds of footage, IS is all an elaborate fan-fiction ripoff/parody (riparity?) of Doctor Who cliches. I'm not saying that as a bad thing; I have the utmost respect for those who can execute parody well. I'm just saying, it should be very, very interesting to watch fan reactions to something whose canon is so pervasive, yet so completely in the realms of fan-fiction.