Disney, Disney, Disney... please stop. Just stop huffing the princess glitter and walk away. You don’t have to make every live-action fairy tale story that crosses your desk. And that really, really, includes a Prince Charming movie.

At this point, I’m mostly numbed to the continuous announcements of new live-action adaptations coming out of Disney. I’ve even become resigned to the movies about the secret lives of the villains. But now: Prince Charming. Prince Charming gets his own movie. Because that’s what we were missing.


But wait! There’s more. According to Variety, the script from Matt Fogel is a live-action comedy from the point of view of Prince Charming’s brother who “never lived up to the family name.” Nope. Just nope. I guarantee that Prince Charming is the handsome one who’s secretly a dick and the ignored brother’s a really good guy. And no, this is not necessary. Or even particularly desired. News on a director for Black Panther or a Black Widow movie we can’t get. But this? This, Disney’s aggressively pursuing.