If you caught the premiere of Humans on AMC last night (recap coming later), then you probably saw this short new teaser for The Walking Dead spin-off, which may include our first look at a zombie on the show—or whatever proto-Walker will be munching on our new protagonists. But that’s not all!

The show also released its first clip, and, uh, it’s not quite as ominous:

Damn it, Kim Dickens! Pay attention to computer nerds! Believe everything you read on the internet! It’s the only way to survive!


While the clip is groan-inducing—a nerdy computer geek who’s overweight and has acne? Bold choice, Fear the Walking Dead!—I really like the Romero-style of the teaser, which I also saw in the first trailer of that dude running in slow-mo. I don’t mean that just because zombies = Romero, I mean stylistically. I like how Fear is trying to differentiate itself from Walking Dead, cinematically speaking, and if Romero is their guidepost, well, I suppose I can forgive one clichéd computer nerd.

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