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Doctor Strange was a perfectly serviceable and forgettable movie that isn’t on anyone’s “must watch” list. But now that the Blu-ray is going to have a sequel to the hilarious Thor mockumentary that introduced us to Thor’s beleaguered roommate, Darryl? Sign me up.

Accompanying the Blu-ray and digital releases of Doctor Strange will be part two of “Team Thor,” the short that explained that while his friends were all fighting each other during Captain America: Civil War, Thor was in Australia, bothering his roommate at work, setting up a conspiracy wall about the Infinity Stones, and having coffee with Bruce Banner.


It’s also another way for Marvel to tie together Thor and Strange, who, rumors say, will work together in Thor: Ragnarok and whose team-up was teased in the post-credits sequence of Doctor Strange.

But, outside from the Marvel universe’s “it’s all connected” thing, this is just another chance to have some fun with these characters. And it’s one of the only reasons, outside of listening to Benedict Cumberbatch’s amazing wandering accent, to pick up Doctor Strange.


Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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