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Deadpool fans are already getting a movie that can encapsulate the gory wildness of Wade Wilson in all is splendor, considering the film carries an R-rating. But are you in the market for even more curses, bodily viscera, and nudity in your superhero movies? Well, you might just be getting your wish.


At a recent fan screening of the movie in the UK, TJ Miller, who plays Deadpool’s sidekick Weasel, confirmed that an unrated Director’s cut of the movie would be made available with the home release of the movie, promising that it’s even more raw than theatrical release:


Even with what we’ve seen of the movie so far, we’re getting a Deadpool in theaters that’s got all the crassness of the comic book character. What could a director’s cut possibly even add? We’re guessing the answer is “more of everything, please.” That seems like a Deadpool-ian response to this. More gore, swearing, and nudity for all!

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