There's an Actual Baby Named Naruto and Now Anime Is Real

All images: NoChill Naruto
All images: NoChill Naruto

Naruto Scott Murphy was born earlier this month at 5:23am in Titusville, Florida, to parents Devon Scott Murphy and Deedra Lee Newsome. The baby, whose legal name—and I cannot stress this enough—is Naruto, was of normal health, aside of course from the giant, mythical nine-tailed fox sealed inside him.


“I feel like Naruto’s name is a very powerful name . I don’t understand the people hating on it,” his father told io9 via Facebook Messenger. He’s since set up a fan page for the future Hokage under the name NoChill Naruto. So far, Naruto has no siblings.

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I’ll admit, when I first heard about Naruto (the living human child, not the anime series) it seemed like a terrible idea, at the very least setting a child up for a lifetime of teasing. But like most things that are ridiculous at surface level, there’s a deeper meaning to Devon’s decision. “No other names were considered,” he told io9, “because Naruto was the only show that me and my brother watched before he passed [in a car accident].”

The Social Security Administration has no meaningful data on the popularity of the name Naruto and Whitepages only returns a handful of people with Naruto as a last name. It’s entirely possible Murphy’s son is the only person with this first name in the United States. We wish him luck with life, his ninja exams, and his eventual battle with the evil Akatsuki.

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I’m 90% sure I heard a woman call her son “Anakin,” so as far as I’m concerned we’ve already gone into the territory of naming kids after fictional characters.