There's A Very Different Man In Red For Deadpool's Festive Trailer Tease

While it might be Christmas Eve, for Deadpool, today is Trailer Eve—and ahead of the full event, Fox have released a suitably festive teaser to celebrate. Seems like Santa’s got some new competition in the “Jolly guy in a red suit” department.


While the festive trappings—the music, the rhyming narration, and the snow-strewn title cards—are nice and all, there’s actually some intriguing little snippets of new footage, giving us a hint at the film’s story (and some unfortunate times for Morena Baccarin’s character, Vanessa) and a wonderful moment with Colossus that serves as the teaser’s sting.

But yeah, you’re mainly here for some festive Deadpool weirdness. Oh, and the way it was revealed, which was by Hugh Jackman tweeting out this:


Oh my. Let’s start the “OMG WOLVERINE CAMEO” rumors right now! Oh wait, they’ve been happening for ages already? Of course they have.

The full second trailer for Deadpool will be available online tomorrow, the bloodiest Christmas gift of all.

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I hate this trend of teaser trailers for trailers.