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It might not be one of the Infinity Stones, but Pop’s Swear Jar is almost as important as one in the Luke Cage TV series. It turns out there was a special reason why it had such a prominent part in the show, although it’s kind of a bummer—as it was centered around the late music legend Prince.


Luke Cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker took to Twitter yesterday to discuss the show now that it’s out in the wild, turning to some of the musical cameos that appear in the show (mainly at Cottonmouth’s club). Anyone who’s seen the show knows music is a fundamental part of Luke Cage’s atmosphere—the show is packed with a great soundtrack and some brilliant guest appearances by notable artists—and Coker had hoped Prince would be one of them.

Pop’s Swear Jar was included as a nod to Prince’s own famous use of one at his Paisley Park estate, and Coker wanted to show Prince the first few episodes of the series in advance in the hopes the homage would convince the superstar to appear in the show’s final episode.

Alas, it was not to be, with Prince’s tragic passing in April. But the Swear Jar remained as the show’s tribute to the legend.


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