There's A Life-Sized First Order TIE Fighter At SXSW This Year

Image credit: Fil Tso
Image credit: Fil Tso

If you’re anywhere near this year’s SXSW in Texas, you owe it to yourself to check out one really cool exhibit: a life-sized First Order TIE Fighter, constructed by prop building group Project X1.


The group is run by Belgian 501st Legion members, who have a reputation for building insanely detailed, life sized props: since 2011, they’ve constructed two other TIE Fighters: a regular one, and the one flown by Darth Vader.

The prop has been installed at SXSW’s South Bites Trailer Park, and it’s part of a display put on by Disney to promote the upcoming DVD release of The Force Awakens.


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It sure shows how tiny those things are. Lack of gravity might help if you had to spend longer periods of time in one, kind of like a Soluz or Mercury capsule, but longer duration flights would suck.

It looks like people were having fun with it from the photos in the links.