There's a Garbage Pail Kids Documentary Coming Out and It Looks Awesome

Children of the ‘80s probably learned a lot about death, dismemberment and bodily fluids from the Garbage Pail Kids. The ultra-gross, depraved and occasionally sadistic trading cards released in 1985 were a massive, massive hit and now there’s a documentary about them.

It’s called 30 Years of Garbage, directed by Joe Simko and Jeff Zapata. The pair interviewed the people who created the brand, designed it, released it, consumed it, were influenced by it and more. Here’s the trailer.


This brings back so many twisted memories. Looking at these cards definitely helped warp my then preteen mind.

30 Years of Garbage will have a world premiere in New York on July 1. You can find out about that, and more, at their official website here.

[Bloody Disgusting]


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