There's a Blade Runner 2049 Whiskey for When You Accidentally Punch Your Co-Star in the Face

Illustration for article titled Theres a iBlade Runner 2049 /iWhiskey for When You Accidentally Punch Your Co-Star in the Face

Last week, we learned that if Harrison Ford punches you in the face on set, he will also give you a booze to apologize. Now, there’s a special branded whiskey he can give to Ryan Gosling the next time he hits him in the face.


Of course, the real tie-in is that the original Blade Runner from 1982 has a scene of Deckard being called into his boss Bryant’s office where the men share shots of Johnnie Walker Black Label as they discuss a new case involving four replicants that have illegally travelled to earth. And now we know it’s even going to make it Deckard and Johnnie are still good friends we see hanging out together at a bar somewhere in a desolate wasteland.

Hoping to capitalize on nostalgia and the Blade Runner 2049 hype, and presumably not on Ford’s story of punching a co-star and not really feeling all that bad about it, Johnnie Walker is putting out a limited edition run of its signature whiskey in a schmancy, futuristic bottle that appears in the new film.


Getting your hands on some of The Director’s Cut won’t exactly be the easiest task. Each bottle will go for $89.99, but only 39,000 of them are being produced globally across 15 different markets when it hits stores later this month.

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In a world full of androids and flying cars, they’re still doing a 18th century drug like whiskey? Man, movie SF just doesn’t try very hard. They’re trying to evoke tough, hard-drinking detectives like Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe, but those characters are nearly a century old already.