There'll Never Be Another Space TV Show Like Far Out Space Nuts

Back in the day, space opera on television could get pretty crazy. You had heroes who weren't just your standard intrepid space explorers, and stories that were willing to go completely bonkers. But few shows were as genre-breaking and ridiculous as Far Out Space Nuts, from Sid and Marty Krofft.


In keeping with the Krofft brand, this show was completely goofy and zany. Far Out Space Nuts follows a couple maintenance workers (Bob Denver and Chuck McCann) who are working on a space rocket, and it's time for their lunch break. But instead of pressing the "Lunch" button, they press the "Launch" button — sending them into deep space, more or less instantly. They hook up with a goofy alien named Honk, who makes honking noises. And in the episode above, they encounter a computer that makes anything they think of instantly real, and some aliens who want to harvest their brains.

The humor is about as sophisticated as you'd expect, but the characters are kind of lovable, and it's cool to see hapless space explorers who aren't square-jawed officer types. Here's one space show that we'll probably never see a reboot of, ever.

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I myself think we're long overdue for an Ark II revival.