There Will Be No Twilight Zone In A New Tower of Terror Movie

Anyone who has been to a Disney theme park has probably screamed on Tower of Terror, the Twilight Zone-inspired elevator drop ride. It was turned into a 1997 TV movie and now, it’s getting remade, but without that iconic show attached.

Deadline reports celebrated writer John August (Big Fish, Go) has done a treatment of a brand new Tower of Terror movie for Disney. It’ll be a haunted house film, drawing inspiration from the story of the ride. That story is about a group of hotel guests in an elevator who disappear when the hotel is struck by lightning.


And while the iconic TV show The Twilight Zone is the namesake for the ride in the Disney parks, it won’t carry over to the movie. Which isn’t exactly a surprise considering the first movie, which starred Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst, wasn’t Twilight Zone either.

Still, anyone who has ridden the ride will instantly think a new Tower of Terror movie would have that “Twilight Zone” seal of approval. Alas, it won’t, but as long as Guttenberg or Dunst say it’s okay, I’m good.



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