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There Sure Is a Lot of Purging in the First Trailer for The Purge TV Show... Not

Watch your back.
Watch your back.
Photo: Patti Perret (USA Network)
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Boy howdy, if I wanted to see a bunch of people being brutally murdered on the one night a year they can, I sure came to the right place. I am of course messing with you: I have no desire to see any of that. Not that it matters, the debut trailer for USA’s The Purge TV has nary a body in sight. But there is some creepy religious stuff. So there you go.


The first trailer for The Purge, a 10-part TV show based on the Blumhouse film series, focuses on several residents of a small town as they each figure out how to make it through the titular Purge, meaning that annual evening where all crime is legal. You’ve got some rich people giving monologues, bearded dudes wearing creepy little girl masks, and a group of hooded cult members led by one icky-looking priest dude.

It’s kind of curious how much the trailer focuses on the Purge, because, at first, we were led to believe the TV show wouldn’t actually be about the Purge, but rather what people did on the other 364 days of the year to support, combat, or prepare for it. Of course, executive producer James DeMonaco later clarified that about two-thirds of the show will take place during the evening’s festivities, meaning each episode will mix current deadly “happenings” with flashbacks about the characters’ lives before that fateful night.


I’m kind of hoping for an anthology series, where each episode focuses on a different group of characters and their individual stories, but we’ll see what happens. The Purge debuts on USA and Syfy September 4.

Video Editor and Staff Writer at io9. My doppelganger is that rebelling greeting card from Futurama.

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A TV show?

So we’ll be able to binge and Purge?