There is such a thing as sexually transmitted food poisoning

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Just when you think that sex ed in high school and posters at clinics have covered all the times it is necessary to use protection, the human body (and various microbes) throw yet another horrifying sex scenario at you. We now suspect that people can get sexually transmitted food poisoning.


I love you commenters. You never fail to find me more crazy stuff to post. During the comments on yesterday's post about people who feel extreme cold when exposed to extreme heat, one commenter pointed out that when their grandparents had ciguatera, they experienced a similar confused hot-cold sensations. A few clicks and I learned that ciguatera is a disease caused by eating fish that have been contaminated by toxins. The toxins accumulate in fish that eat certain kinds of algae. The higher up the food chain the fish, the more toxin it has accumulated.

The symptoms of ciguatera are very nasty, and include aches, vertigo, hallucinations, and lack of control over muscle movement. They also include something called dyspareunia - otherwise known as pain during sexual intercourse. Amazingly, lack of coordination, an aching body, vertigo, and pain during sex won't stop people from having sex. The partners of these achy and queasy people, who deserve to get some kind of medal for being good sports, are instead rewarded with dyspareunia and other ciguatera symptoms of their own. Although doctors weren't able to analyze semen samples, there are two reported cases in which affected men seem to have given their partners food poisoning through sex. So if you are experiencing food poisoning but still feeling randy - use protection.

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[Via Can Ciguatera Be a Sexually Transmitted Disease, CDC.]



I would definitely look into this as a possible vector for sexy food poisoning.