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There Is An American Idol 2012 Music Video. No, Seriously

Illustration for article titled There Is An American Idol 2012 Music Video. No, Seriously

Words do not even begin to express my confusion and sick, splodey delight. The runner-up on the eighth season of American Idol, Adam Lambert (Yes, the Goth kid), has made a 2012 music video. It's him walking through explosions, naturally.


Where do I even start with this ridiculous yet brilliant blend of marketing hype? The title of the song is, "Time For Miracles," and while I'm not a huge fan of the song, you gotta love the idea behind blending the world's most hyped-up show and Roland Emmerich. Its mostly Adam walking through disaster porn and waving his arms. Because nothing says love ballad like watching your family flung into the mouth of a volcano. It shows a lot of movie footage, but this is crazy. All I have to say is, where were you Clay Aiken, with your The Day After Tomorrow music video? Can't you imagine the running with the wolves and frost sequence? That's eyeliner guy one, Aiken zero.


Thank you for pointing this out, Videogum.

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Someone better contact Uncanny Valley and let them know one of their singers has escaped. Seriously, that face has either got to be plastic or CGI. #2012