We're in love with Babs Tarr's new design for Batgirl, and so are many artists who have already taken to the Internet to celebrate Barbara Gordon's new look. Check out just a few of the Batgirl fan illustrations featuring her new costume.

Cameron Stewart, who is writing Batgirl once Gail Simone's tenure is up, is also collecting new Batgirl fan art at the Tumblr Batgirl of Burnside. We're sad to see Simone go, but we're excited to see this version of Batgirl in action.

Sam Logan of Sam & Fuzzy shows Batgirl gleefully escaping the cape-grabbing Joker:

rahzzah, who does some of our favorite superhero paintings, gives Barbara plenty of drama:


Woe unto anyone who messes with Ashley McCammon's Batgirl:

Ninjasaur creator Jason Horn has Babs serenely swinging through Gotham:


Matt Nelson pairs Tarr's Batgirl design with a Wonder Woman design by Evan "Doc" Shaner:

Mike Maihack's Batgirl might lose her homework in the name of crimefighting:


Robaato has Batgirl just hanging out:

Mingjue Helen Chen gives her an animated feel:


And Emi Lenox has her getting pumped up for a long night:

Ramon Villalobos gives that cape a little flutter:


JD Benefield poses her with Batman for a selfie:

Lissy Marlin's Batgirl looks ready for Pixar:


M. José Barros' Batgirl is contemplative:

KevinTUT focuses on those big green eyes:


And Tom Bancroft's Batgirl is just plain fun: