There Is A Tiny Donald Glover Easter Egg Hidden In Amazing Spider-Man

Donald Glover got to voice one Spider-Man, Miles Morales, but he also turns up in The Amazing Spider-Man in a very small way. Even Peter Parker is a Glover fan.


After the Internet campaign to see Glover cast as Peter Parker, director Marc Webb told MTV News in 2012 that there would be a reference to Glover in The Amazing Spider-Man in Peter's bedroom—nothing obvious, just a little Easter Egg.

Eagle-eyed reddit user DrAcula1431 posted this image to the Community subreddit, revealing Peter Parker's appreciation of Glover's character Troy Barnes:

Donald Glover didn't get to be the movie version of Spider-Man, but maybe even Peter Parker would have wanted him for the part.

Looks like Peter Parker is a fan of Community [r/Community via UPROXX]


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