Once upon a time there was a nice boy named Brian who met a penis-shaped parasite named Aylmer. Soon Brian discovered that Aylmer could inject his brain with a drug that made him so happy . . . that he was willing to do anything to help feed Aylmer's appetite for brains.

Thus unfolds the fable of Frank Henelotter's masterwork Brain Damage, which has (as far as I know) the distinction of being the only movie ever that manages to combine blow jobs with brain eating. In this clip, you can see the moment when Brian and Aylmer first meet, and Aylmer asks coyly if Brian will "take him for a walk" if he gives him another dose of "light." I love this depiction of injecting drugs. And then, well, we see how Aylmer gets his dose of brains while Brian is completely out of his mind on Aylmer juice.


Henenlotter also created the Basket Case series, another journey into psychosexual weirdness, as well as Frankenhooker and the more recent Bad Biology (starring a deadly vagina and detachable penis).

Brain Damage stands out in this cult master's already mind-perforatingly awesome oeuvre because on top of being a gorefest it's also a darkly funny, fucked up portrait of addiction. And the parasite Aylmer is a terrific character, taunting Brian as he struggles with getting clean, and at one point actually singing a little tune. If you like early David Cronenberg, or find yourself getting a big grin on your face when thinking about Eli Roth, you need to check out Henenlotter's work. This guy is the real deal. He'll stick penis-shaped brain-eating parasites down your throat and make you like it.

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