There Can Only Be One More, Thanks To Highlander Remake

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Having conquered the world of science with Iron Man, screenwriters Art Marcum and Matt Holloway are moving into the world of... well, a kind of magic. Apparently feeling so confident that anything else will be easy after managing to make Tony Stark seem cool, the two writers are heading up a Highlander revival. Yes, their new project, announced yesterday, will be a new movie in the franchise about sword-wielding immortals in the city.

The new movie - being put together by Summit Entertainment, who're also working on time-travelling combat movie Arena - isn't going to be a continuation of the storyline that put lie to its own tagline "There can only be one" by running through five movies and a television series (Admittedly, "there can only be six" doesn't sound quite as impressive), but a JJ-Abrams-does-Star Trek-style reboot of the entire franchise, according to a report in the Hollywood Reporter.


No word as yet as to who's going to be considered for the main roles of the beheading-crazy immortals, but personally I'm hoping for a continuation of the international quality of the original that saw a Frenchman play a Scot and a Scot play an Egyptian, all without anyone attempting to change their natural accents. All I'm saying is let's think about Ewan McGregor to play a Russian this time around or something. He'd be perfect; he's got an unfortunate choice of movie roles and even has experience with (light)sabres and ill-chosen returns to once-popular movie franchises.

Summit takes on 'Highlander' redo [Hollywood Reporter]

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Annalee Newitz

@JennaW: I know, I know. Why is this post here??? I think it's mostly because I couldn't resist Graeme's joke about a Scot playing an Egyptian. But I'm sure this will earn us all a trip to genre reeducation camp.