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The disgusting flesh-eating horror movie that put director Eli Roth on the map, Cabin Fever, is getting not one, but TWO prequel movies. One of them, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, has finally scored a director. There's only one question: Will there be pancakes?


THR is reporting that Altitude (sarlacc in the sky) director Kaare Andrews will probably be directing the first prequel, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero which sounds absolutely nothing like the original except for the name. Here's the plot run-down:

The new film follows the passengers of a cruise ship in the Caribbean that runs aground a research island. They must find a way to survive before the disease consumes them. Jake Wade Wall, who wrote the remake of The Hitcher, penned the script.


The next movie after "Patient Zero" is Cabin Fever: Outbreak. Which will tell the story of a doctor investigates the mysterious outbreak on the previously mentioned Caribbean island. So nothing like the original at all. Both films are shooting back-to-back, but the second does not yet have a director. The Caribbean twist is new, for sure, but at least it can't be as bad as the sequel, right? RIGHT?

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