There Are Mechs in These Mountains

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Sometimes, if you climb high enough, you'll find an old, wandering mech in the snowy folds of the mountains. They're still vigilant, still watching the skies, still reliving those long-ago decades when the Klaag invaded Earth with their massive synthetic lifeforms.


This lonely mech is the creation of Kelly Christophers, a visual effects artist at Weta in New Zealand. You can see more of her work on her website.

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Chris Paine

The mission was to guard the approach to the airhead. If it wasn't one of ours, it was skeet. The western approach was the most likely danger, which is why the majority of the units were deployed there. Here on the northern approach, a single unit was deemed sufficient.

There were two ways to look at this particular assignment. Either it was a babysitting job, or it was a matter of absolute trust. Given the battle of Tarkus 3, I was leaning toward the former. My unit came back with some hard-earned valor during that battle, so they probably figured I was due an easier assignment. Babysitting was my reward I reckoned.

The sensors came to life. A skunk. No, wait, it's a hostile! One. Two. Three. Nine!

This just became a matter of absolute trust. It's showtime!