There Are Basically TIE Fighters in Transformers: The Last Knight. Sure. Fine. Whatever.

Illustration for article titled There Are Basically TIE Fighters in iTransformers: The Last Knight/i. Sure. Fine. Whatever.

More accurately, there are TIE bombers. Okay, even more accurately, there are drones, or small Transformers (I think they may be flying Constructicons?), that happen to very much resemble but not quite enough for copyright infringement TIE bombers.


The still is from an extended Transformers: The Last Knight ad that is basically a bunch of weird as hell stills from this movie strung together mostly in total silence until Anthony Hopkins tells us, “A thousand years we’ve kept it hidden, the secret history of Transformers.”


I will reiterate that not only have they kept it hidden, they must be the most amazing conspiracy to ever exist if they managed to keep the secret of giant robots fighting Nazis from leaking.

The other thing of note here is the focus on what’s probably the McGuffin of this film: a coin with a symbol on it that first appears with what looks like Vivian Wembley (Laura Haddock) in the background, then another one that’s more beaten up and in a different metal appears in a Transformer’s hand, and then it’s on what I presume is a Knight of the Round Table’s chest plate. I bet it’s also on the door of Anthony Hopkins’ creepy Transformer secret history museum.

This movie is thus for looking so completely nuts that if it turns out that they’ve decided that part of the secret history of the Transformers was that the Decepticons spent some time as designers for the Empire from Star Wars, I would not only believe it, I would herald it as a brilliant dramatic choice.

Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters June 23.


Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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For the record this is the TIE Bomber. Basically the two cockpits seem to be smooshed together in the Transformers version.

They also look a lot like Vaders TIE Fighter Advanced.

PS: Yes I totally read the ships and weapons books in grade school.