Then, Everything Changed When the Gif Party Attacked

Is...the Water Nation attacking now?
Image: Nickelodeon

There’s always time for another pro-bending gif party! The Legend of Korra has followed Avatar: The Last Airbender onto Netflix. And even though the future of the live-action series is in jeopardy, we can still celebrate Korra and her friends getting the bending time they deserve. With, what else, gifs!


Leave your favorite “It’s Friday!” party gifs in the comments below, because we made it through another week and that’s all Avatar Aang can ask of us. This week’s Bonus Points challenge is gifs dedicated to The Legend of Korra, the successor to Avatar: The Last Airbender. Of course, if you’d prefer to share gifs of Aang and his friends, I’ll consider that partial credit. Because they’re all one big bending family.


We’ve got this, Four Nations!

We all deserve a 10, Momo’s just being mean.
Image: Nickelodeon

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