Theme-Park Prisons Of Tomorrow

An abandoned theme park called Playland becomes a prison without guards in Deadlocked: Escape From Zone 14. If you try to go outside a central transmitter's range, your collar explodes and destroys your head. It's a unique solution to prison overcrowding. Deadlocked mostly takes place in a world exactly like ours, except with these weird Hobbesian penal camps. Esai Morales, soon to be rocking out in Jericho, has a wry facial expression for every situation. Amazingly, the sequel is way smarter than Rutger Hauer's original.

Deadlocked, the sequel to 1991's Deadlock, stars Morales as a master thief who has to break Nia Peeples out of Playland. In Deadlock, every prisoner has a "partner" whose collar is locked to his/her own. If you go more than 100 yards away from your partner, your head goes splodey. But you don't know who your partner is, so it's safest to stay within the bounds of the prison, Happyland. In other words, all you need to do to escape Happyland is figure out who your partner is. Not surprisingly, that happens pretty quickly in Deadlock.


The sequel's approach, to have the collars that blow up your head if you get too far from a central transmitter, makes way more sense. It also gives Morales a purpose: to use his leet skills to hack his collar and Peebles'. Of course, he hacks their collars so they're locked to each other just like the collars in the original movie. So if Morales and Peebles get too far apart, they get headless. At one point, Morales have to skydive out of an exploding plane, and of course their parachutes drift just a little too far apart.

Deadlocked shows up on cable pretty often, and it's worth watching for all the zany my-head's-about-to-go-splat hijinks.

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speaking of Rutger Hauer...when is "A Breed Apart" going to hit DVD?...