Their Solemn Procession

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Weary of fantasy stories set in medieval worlds, artist Noah Bradley started making concept art for his very own, more primal fantasy world. Now The Sin of Man is a world made up of more than a dozen striking paintings, with a bit of writing to go along with them.


Bradley tells us that he's not sure what the "final product" will be for The Sin of Man, but he's having fun playing with visual and textual storytelling. In addition to the paintings, he's written a poem, "The Nine Children of God," and a short story, "The River of Dreams."

You can see all of the pieces Bradley has made for his world so far at The Sin of Man website, but here a couple more of his favorites:

Illustration for article titled Their Solemn Procession

"She is Our Desire"

Illustration for article titled Their Solemn Procession

"The Last Whisper"

You can also see more of Bradley's artwork at his portfolio site and on deviantART. We learned about his work thank to r/ImaginaryBehemoths.


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After the technical- fusion- nuclear bio- war ended, the old world had, at last, fallen still. The once teeming billion wizard minds that locked the world into the rational scientific, lost their hold as their numbers and powers dipped. The few remaining swore it was madness when they saw those mentioned in their ancient bibles and tattered text come to life. They never knew that this was the way; the world truly was and always will be. Only their Newtonian, Aristotle learning and latent magic held together the rational spell on an imaginable Earth.

When the formulas and incantations finally broke, the Exodus giants began to roam once again. They would recover this world from the sins of man and rebuild it after their imaging. The last few tin pot human wizards could only huddle around their dying campfires…..