The Zombieland TV series is a cheap bootleg of Zombieland the movie

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I assume by the law of averages, someone, somewhere, watched the movie Zombieland and said to himself, "You know, this is good, but it would be even better with less talented actors, a smaller budget, and more hokiness." That person would be a weirdo, but they'd enjoy the shit out of Amazon's new Zombieland TV series.


Amazon has released the pilot (you can watch it here for free), and while it's not awful, it feels like some kind of high school theatrical adaptation of the movie. It stars the same characters and hits the same jokes, except that everything is just... worse. The writing is the biggest problem, mostly because it tries to inject some emotional melancholy into the proceedings when its not directly aping the first movie; since the show's wit is dulled and these actors are no Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone or Abigail Breslin, these scenes fall flat and are completely unearned.

Zombieland the TV series isn't bad, necessarily, but unless you somehow don't have access to a copy of the Zombieland movie on DVD, or were just so enamored of the characters in the movie that you would follow their adventures anywhere, I don't know why someone would choose this imitation over the original. Maybe it needs some time to step out of the shadow of its predecessor, or maybe the cast and crew need time to gel together to form their own identity. But for now, I'd say just watch the movie again.



They are attempting to make a TV series out of this?

Clearly, these people need to be attacked and eaten by the very zombies they are trying to make and show on the camera.