Zombie lovers were welcomed with open arms (covered with open, rotting sores) at Comic-Con, where TV’s undeadliest shows pulled out all the stops for their fans with elaborate, interactive, in-your-face experiences. Here are the coolest zombie installations we sat at Comic-Con.

The Walking Dead’s set-up featured a short, yet full terrifying stroll through a garage packed with both prop zombies and actors fully done up in gruesomely realistic make-up, all of whom had the herky-jerky corpse stroll down pat (but, to our knowledge, didn’t go full Method and actually snack on any brains).


Across the street from the San Diego Convention Center, more of those alarmingly realistic “live” zombies stumped for companion show Fear the Walking Dead; the experience was staged in an abandoned church that resembles a set from the new series’ first episode. (Pro-tip: zombies loooove hanging out in abandoned churches.)

Last but not least, Ash vs. Evil Dead offered a taste of what’s to come for the anticipated Sam Raimi-Bruce Campbell horror comedy show. Is it any surprise that this walk-through of Ash’s trailer was totally groovy—with a haunted toolbox, a try-on-able chainsaw “arm,” and a mirror so freaky, it elicited genuine screams?

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