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Do you remember when Jaw Lennon, Pall IcKartney, Gorge Harryson, and Dingo Scarr appeared on the Dead Sullivan Show and took the US by storm? Together this quartet forms the Zombeatles, four undead heartthrobs looking to share their music with the world. And, thanks to zombie comedian Angus MacAbre, they're getting their chance, in a mockumentary chronicling their rise to fame.MacAbre, a.k.a. public radio producer Doug Gordon, got the idea to create All You Need Is Brains, which he describes as “Night of the Living Dead meets Spinal Tap,” from Madison-based band The Gomers.

Recalling The Zombeatles, the Halloween-time alter ego of The Gomers complete with songs like “I Want To Eat Your Hand” and “Hard Day’s Night Of The Living Dead,” he was inspired to bring them together. Gordon thought the respective acts [his and the Zombeatles’] could easily be combined thematically to create a short mockumentary set in a “zomniverse” where the walking dead have evolved, and apparently have staged their own British Invasion.


A report from the set gives us a taste of the film’s musical zombie humor:

At one point during the scene, [Jaw Lennon portrayer Steve] Burke strummed his axe with one dead hand before dropping it to the floor, at which point the zombie audience literally ate it up.


Gordon hopes to have a rough cut of the film done in time for the October 25 Madison Horror Film Festival, but you can get a peek at the Zombeatles’ shtick with their single, “A Hard Day’s Night of the Living Dead.”

The Zombeatles and undead fans infest Frequency to shoot mockumentary [The Daily Page]

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