Getting people into your favorite TV show can be a nightmare — there's often so much history there, and if they see the wrong episode, they'll be turned off for years. So what's the absolute best episode of your favorite TV show to show people and get them hooked?

Please include a picture or clip (or other promotional image) of the best jumping-on episode of your favorite show. And please mention the name of the show, the name of the episode, and why it's such a great introductory outing. Thanks! (And thanks to Mweyer for suggesting this topic last week on the article about introducing your friends to fandom.)


Top image: Doctor Who, "Rose." I know a lot of people recommend "The Eleventh Hour" or "Blink." But for my money, no episode introduces the show and its format with more accessibility and pure style than the hour that won over a whole new audience in 2005. Yes, the stuff with Mickey is disgraceful. But the rest of it is just wonderful.