The Young Nick Fury Is Getting His Own Comic Series

Nick Fury Sr., of course, has starred in his own comics plenty of times, but now that he’s out of the way it’s time to let his replacement get a chance to shine: his young, very conveniently Samuel L. Jackson-looking son.

James Robinson will pen Nick Fury, with art provided by ACO. The series itself, according to an interview Robinson did with Newsarama, will follow Fury Jr. as he flies solo, conducting secret spy missions while being hounded by a rival female Hydra agent named Frankie Noble. It all sounds very spy-fi, and will get even spy-fi-ier when you see ACO’s artwork for the series, which gives the book a gorgeous ‘60s psychedelia aesthetic:


It’s perfect for a spy caper book, especially one that just so happens to be set in the Marvel universe, and honestly makes the prospect of a Nick Fury Jr. book a very exciting one indeed. Nick Fury #1 is set to release later this Spring.

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