The X-Men's Quicksilver Speeds Into Space in This Surprisingly Cool Dark Phoenix Clip

Quicksilver and Nightcrawler saving astronauts in space.
Image: Fox/Disney

Evan Peters’ Quicksilver in Fox’s most recent X-Men films has been one of the franchise’s most interesting characters, in part because of the innovative way filmmakers have taken to visualizing his super speed. Dark Phoenix wouldn’t be a proper X-Men sendoff without the silver-haired speed demon, and in a new clip from the film, he gets his time to shine.


As part of their new lives as world-famous superheroes, Dark Phoenix’s X-Men end up journeying into space on a rescue mission to save a group of astronauts whose lives are put in jeopardy by what appears to be an oncoming solar flare. Before Jean’s sent out to have her fateful encounter with whatever it is that manifests the Phoenix inside of her, Nightcrawler and Quicksilver are tasked with retrieving the imperiled astronauts—and, together, the two mutants find a clever way to use their powers in order to make sure that all of the humans make it back safely.

The scene’s not set to a choice song—which could mean that Peter ends up having a bigger, even more visually stunning moment somewhere else in the film, or that Dark Phoenix is bucking the trend and committing all of its big flashy scenes to Jean. Either way, if the movie features more interactions like this between its characters, where we can see them working together to get through ridiculous scenes plucked right out of Marvel’s comic books, Dark Phoenix might just end up being a fitting send-off for Xavier’s band of merry mutants when the movie hits theaters on June 7.


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The scene’s not set to a choice song

Okay, “music geek” geek challenge: in the two previous appearances each song was set to a song from that decade. “Time in A Bottle” was inspired for the 70's while “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This” felt lazy for the 80's. It’s the 90's for this. What song should they have used? I’m going with the “cocky-headed-for-a-fall” foreshadowing of Montel Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.”