The X-Files Theme Has Lyrics Now, and You Can Hear the Cast and Crew Sing Them

The protagonists of the X-Files. Such cuties.
The protagonists of the X-Files. Such cuties.
Image: Fox

Did it need lyrics? No. Am I going to pass up the opportunity to see Gillian Anderson do literally anything? Also no.


The X-Files theme is iconic. Wavering, uneasy, and oddly mystical, it strikes the perfect balance between soothing and terrifying. It’s one of the elements of the show that’s deeply permeated pop culture, to the point where people who haven’t ever even watched it know that tune. Now, thanks to some intrepid contest winners and the singing voices of the former cast and crew of the show, it has words.

The contest was part of a fundraiser to raise money for World Central Kitchen, and gave Jennifer Large and Rebecca MacDonald a chance to become the official writers of the words that will forever now give shape to this timeless tune. Or, well, give shape to it for right now, anyway.

Is this silly? Yes, of course. But who doesn’t like silly? And it’s for a good cause, too. If you’d like to donate to the World Central Kitchen yourself, you can do so here. There are also some bloopers to check out.

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