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The X-Files Relaunch Adds a Superhero to Its Cast!

Illustration for article titled iThe X-Files/i Relaunchi /iAdds a Superhero to Its Cast!
Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Jamie Alexander reveals a bit about Sif’s role in Thor: Ragnarok, we learn all about the practical effects in Goosebumps, and there are new details about a major character’s return to Supernatural. Plus, we know when Pacific Rim will start filming. Spoilers now!


Captain America: Civil War/Thor: Ragnarok

When Jaimie Alexander spoke to The Los Angeles Times’ Hero Complex about her new show, she also gave a few details about Marvel’s upcoming movies. She said that Civil War will join Agents of SHIELD and Age of Ultron in setting up Ragnarok, adding that “There’s just all kinds of Easter eggs and hints, if you’re really paying attention. They’re so good at interweaving everything throughout those films.” As for Sif’s role in Ragnarok, Alexander said:

Marvel, I think on purpose, they don’t tell me certain things. Because they know I’ll be like, “So here’s what’s gonna happen.” But I do know I will be in “Thor 3” and that Sif will have a very pivotal part in that movie. I just can’t tell you what because I’ll get shot.


[Hero Complex]

Here’s a very out-there theory that Thanos loves Marvel’s heroes, based on their constant use of black hoodies. Read it at the link. [/film]


Shock Till You Drop has a very in-depth report from the set of Goosebumps, including director Rob Letterman saying that they’re doing as much of the effects practically as they can and Jack Black saying, “I took lots of liberties, I don’t really look, sound or act like [R.L. Stine] in this movie.” Black also said of his character’s relationship with his daughter (Odeya Rush):

I’m very protective of her. I don’t want her dating strange boys, I don’t want her really leaving the house because she, as I am, is a keeper of this secret of the creatures actually existing and a protector of the manuscripts from which they came and escape. So, just like any father it freaks me out when she leaves the house or she’s not around, and maybe I’m a little more protective than your average father and super cranky.


Read more at the link. [Shock Till You Drop]

Pacific Rim 2

Global News reports that the sequel will start filming in Toronto this November. And /film provides some independent confirmation of this timeframe, since the crew from X-Men: Apocalypse, who also worked on previous del Toro films Crimson Peak and Pacific Rim, had mentioned having the same time frame and location for filming. Global News also says that Pacific Rim 2 will be filming under the name Maelstrom—which could be the real title of this sequel, or just a temporary codename. [Global News via Birth.Movies.Death, /Film]



Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) will direct the movie. [Coming Soon]



USA Today has profiles on all of the women characters in the next Bond film. Léa Seydoux plays Madeleine Swan, a doctor and the daughter of an assassin. Of her character’s meeting with Bond, Seydoux says “He comes to find her, and she doesn’t want anything to do with him.”


Monica Bellucci’s widowed Lucia Sciarra on the other hand, “comes from a man’s world, but when the attraction between them takes place and she realizes her feminine power on him, then she trusts him to save her.”

Stephanie Sigman’s character, Estrella, is a complete mystery. All Sigman could say was that she was a lot like her character: “We like to have fun and we’re joyful people.” [USA Today]


Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

There are a bunch of new stills from the fifth Mission Impossible film. See the rest at the link. [Coming Soon]

Illustration for article titled iThe X-Files/i Relaunchi /iAdds a Superhero to Its Cast!

The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

Here’s the first character poster from the film. [via Coming Soon]

Illustration for article titled iThe X-Files/i Relaunchi /iAdds a Superhero to Its Cast!

The X-Files

Robbie Amell and Lauren Ambrose will join the cast as the “smart and smooth Agent Miller” and the “equally sharp and confident Agent Einstein,” respectively. [TV Line]



Producer and writer Andrew Dabb confirmed the return of Crowley, saying:

The second episode of the season... introduces Crowley in a way [pauses and clears throat] — if Crowley were still alive, we’d introduce Crowley in a way we’ve never seen him before.


He added that the story will tie up something from Sam’s past, with Jared Padalecki adding:

Sam believes there’s a higher power trying to contact him to tell him how to solve this problem. It’s going to be really cool. We’re going to see a few characters via visions that we haven’t seen in Supernatural in a long time. One may or may not be related to the character.


[TV Guide]

Emily Swallow (The Mentalist) will join the cast in the recurring role of Amara, “a femme fatale who is both seductive and sinister.” [TV Line]


The Originals

Jason Dohring will show up in the season premiere as Detective Will Kinney, who is “smart and confident” and has a suspicion that something weird is happening in New Orleans. [The Hollywood Reporter]



Adam Rose (Veronica Mars) will guest star in the season finale. See the interview where Rob Thomas broke the news at the link. [TV Line]


The Vampire Diaries

Here’s a video interview with Candice Accola, who says that Caroline will be figuring out her relationship with Stefan and be involved in the Lily drama. [Buddy TV]


Here’s a new teaser:

Jekyll and Hyde

And here’s one for the ITV show:

Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Gordon Jackson

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