While the series finale of The X-Files ended with a scene between Mulder and Scully, there was originally a different ending to the series. The clip above shows that final scene and commentary from executive producer Frank Spotnitz describing how they'd originally wanted Martin Sheen to appear.


The cut scene has a George W. Bush look-alike learning that Mulder had escaped government custody. Spotnitz says:

We had hoped to use the West Wing's Oval Office set. And in fact, we'd even at one point considered asking Martin Sheen who played the president on the West Wing to do this scene, which would have been a nice sort of wink.


Who knows if that would have even been possible? The X-Files had crossed over with Homicide: Life on the Street (and, by extension, Law and Order: SVU) by having Richard Belzer's Detective John Munch appear. So maybe another NBC show could have crossed over in the the X-Files world.

We do have to agree with Spotnitz in the commentary above, though — the more appropriate ending to the series is Mulder and Scully in a hotel room talking about hope.

[via What Culture]

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